How to Clean Shower Head

Does your shower head perform well? If not this is because of mineral deposits and all that you need how to clean shower head. Over time mineral deposits may build up, and this can cause the nozzles to squirt water in all directions or clog up completely, leaving you with low flow and reduced water flow.

Keeping your shower head flowing freely is very important in your bathroom. You can easily this only by removing mineral deposits keenly and with a lot of care.

Remember that the showerhead from your bathroom should give you maximum benefits. It should also suit all your needs.

How to Clean Shower Head - Step by Step Instructions

Clean Shower Head

Reasons for cleaning your Shower Head

Shower heads are seen to spray unevenly; this is because their tiny holes may be having some mineral deposits.

For water to flow well and freely, these deposits must be removed regularly. Achieving this may seem to be a difficult task for some people.

This is especially if you don't know the product used for cleaning. Vinegar can be used to soak your shower head and make it perform better than before.

This means that removing the shower head from your shower arm will be a good idea for you.

Tool-Free Showerhead Cleaning

Never worry! If may want to skip this step or cannot remove your showerhead, you can easily soak your showerhead by the use of a plastic bag or rubber band.

This method is suitable for showerheads made with stainless steel, chrome or even other protected metal surfaces. To start with, slip the rubber band slowly over the top of your showerhead.

Also, you may want or love to loop it all around your shower arm twice or once hence the plastic bag is a good choice. Then fill the plastic bag with a white vinegar. Attach your bag to the shower head.

You can do it by slipping the top of it under the rubber band. After that, just wait for at least one hour, then remove your bag and flush by turning on the water. Polish it with a soft cloth or soft material.

Advanced Cleaning of the showerhead

Cleaning Shower Head

Sometimes mineral deposits can prove as a problem to you. If this happens, you need to think twice. Power of vinegar alone can fail to solve your problem in one way or the other.

You will not struggle again, all you need to remove your showerhead so that you can perform more thorough cleaning. Here are the tips to do it:

Disconnect Your Shower Head

This is very easy. To disconnect your shower head from your bathroom, unscrew the nut that has been used to tie the shower arm.

Take caution and avoid any instances to mar the fixture's finish. Using a wrench and not a plier perform the activity slowly. Cushion your tool using the rag while you work.

Rinsing Your Showerhead

Run a sharp and suitable blast of water through your showerhead just by holding it upside down underneath a faucet.

Here, your goal is to ensure the rinsing of loosened debris and materials out through the opening which connects to the only shower arm.

Dismantling and Cleaning Your Showerhead

If mineral deposits are still there, you need to scrub your shower head using an old toothbrush and also the vinegar in order to loosen the debris.

Use a safety pin or toothpick to poke out these additional deposits. After this, soak the parts in the vinegar overnight to ensure that remaining deposits dissolves.

For extra cleaning power, just scoop or take a few tablespoons of baking soda found in the vinegar for soaking. In fact, the natural abrasive will ensure the release of clogged passages.  Rinse again.

Reassembling and Reinstalling Your Shower Head

First, make sure you wrap new plumbing tape all around the threads of your shower arm. This is to ensure the best seal.

Re-attach your shower head to a shower arm by merely using a wrench. With soft rags and towels as an alternative protect the fixture's finish while you are working.

How to Keep Your Shower Head Super Clean

Cleaning Shower Head

Bag It

Probably this the simplest method when it comes to cleaning the shower head. When you realize or notice that your shower is spitting at you, simply glance up.

Also, if you see that some holes are clogged, all that comes to your mind is how to clean it. For a better health shower head must be washed.

Do not feel bad. This happens to everybody! And it should not surprise that many people forget cleaning their shower head. Well, the next time you get out of your shower, pull out the plastic bag from your pantry. A storage bag or a storage bag should do the trick.

After this, fill half of your bag with white vinegar. Once you prepare your bag that is full of vinegar, take the bag and then place it around your shower head where you attach it using the rubber band.

After this, give yourself one hour. Then remove the bag and flush the vinegar using by turning on the water.

Finish this by polishing your shower head to ensure that it is clean and shiny. With that, your shower head will be perfect.

Deep Clean your Shower Head

Now, many people have shower heads which have an arm just directly attached to them. With this, you can definitely unscrew your shower head.

Properly, you should disconnect it without causing any damage especially when removing it. To ensure this, use the manual method.

Once you have removed the shower head, you want to run it under a tap to flush out any debris it contains. Then you want to take a toothbrush and scrub the shower head.

It is a good idea to use water and vinegar when scrubbing, as this loosens the dirt in the shower head. Then you can use a toothpick or even a safety pin to dig into the slits of the shower head and remove more dirt.

Then you will want to soak the parts of the shower head in vinegar overnight. Vinegar is excellent when it comes to loosening dirt and solving blockages.

If this happens, rinse the shower head again, insert it back and switch it on in the shower so that you can see how thorough your cleaning was.

Baking soda in the shower

I think we all have heard that baking soda is an excellent cleaner. People love it because it is natural, abrasive and cheap. At least that's why I love it. You start with some baking powder and mix it with water.

If you do this, it must form a sweet paste. If it becomes too fluid, add some more baking soda. If it does not become pasta and remains powdery, you need to add more water.

Then apply the glue to your shower head. You want to rub it all over the shower head (especially around the nozzles) to make sure it is thoroughly coated.

Then you leave the pasta somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. As soon as the time runs out, you want to rinse your showerhead thoroughly.

Again, make sure you try the shower head to ensure that it sprays as it should be after being cleaned.

When it's done, your shower head will hopefully sparkle on the inside and be clean on the inside, so you can enjoy a nice even flow of water next time you take a shower.

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