How to Change a Shower head – Step by Step Guideline

Changing or replacing your shower head can be a simple task for you.  Many people do change theirs to improve the attractiveness of their shower head. Moreover, they do replace to boost the aesthetics of their bathroom. Others replace it to solve the problems that come from their leaky shower head.

You only need to use suitable tools as well as following simple steps. With this, you will take only a few minutes to perform this activity. However, before changing your shower head, you must consider some things. These are the things to consider:

Preparing the Work Space

Gathering of all necessary materials. This is an important factor to pay attention during the preparation. Stuff like tools and equipment are needed during this activity. To effectively and efficiently change your shower head.

You will need a tarp or blanket, an adjustable wrench among other important tools.  You can purchase all these materials in your nearest market to improve your supply store. In simple terms, here are the materials and tolls you need.

  • Materials and tools
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Rag or hand towel
  • Adjustable wrench
  • New Showerhead
  • Teflon tape

Make sure that your shower in your bathroom is completely turned off. Also, ensure that the shower knobs are completely secured tightly and turned off. This will help you to prevent much water from leaking out when you are doing this activity.

Here the main agenda is to replace or change the shower head. Do not bother shutting off your water supply because this would require more and unnecessary effort. Lay down a tarp or a blanket. Lay a tarp or a blanket down in the tub.

You can also lay a tarp on the shower floor. This is to prevent any shower head materials from falling down the shower drain. Also, it protects the shower floor surface or tub from falling materials or tools.

If you would like to be more careful, then you can put the tape over the drain. This will make sure that anything that slips on or around the tarp or blanket won’t fall down and also the drain.

How to Change a Shower head - Step by Step Guideline

A corroded and old shower head looks unattractive when it comes to showering in your bedroom. This outdated model can cost you more on your monthly water bill. For a quick solution, replace the shower head with an energy-efficient low-flow model.

This newer option does not mean low pressure, it simply consumes less water per minute, which saves resources in the long term. Follow these steps to learn how to replace a shower head and just install a new fixed bracket or shower head


Remove the old shower head. First, try to turn it anticlockwise a couple of times to see if you can remove it manually; if it does not want to give way, take the towel and aids for help.

Wrap a cloth around the shower arm - the pipe that connects the shower head to the wall - to protect it from damage while handling it with a slip-joint plier. Then clamp the adjustable key around the base of the head and turn it counterclockwise until it is removed from the arm.


Since there is a high probability of some rust, limescale and other debris left behind from your old showerhead, use the cloth to clean inside and outside the arm. This not only a suitable path for better pressure for your showerhead but also makes your installation more comfortable than ever.


Find the series of linear grooves, also referred to as wires. At the end of your shower arm just apply two-three passes Teflon tape in the direction of the clock. Press the tape firmly into the wires with your fingers at each wrap-around so that you can see them through the tape.

This special carpet tile acts as a seal: when you turn a new showerhead, it ensures an excellent connection and prevents water leaking when the hardware is screwed together. Keep the tape handy as you may need it again when checking for leaks after the installation.


Now here comes the time you need to install your replacement head.If you install a fixed-mount model, you must be able to screw it into place by hand. Simply place the new head on the shower arm and turn it clockwise until it is firmly in place. Be sure to follow the exclusive manufacturer's instructions.

If you are installing a simple hand-held model, screw the holder of the new shower headset at the end of the arm clockwise and connect the end of the shower hose to the holder. As always, check whether the provider has additional instructions.


Before you wash your hands after this task, check for any leaks that could lead to wastage of spray mist and high water bills. After installing the new shower head, step back and turn on the water briefly.

If you see water flows coming from the wrong parts of the hardware, you must switch off the water again. If this is noted, you can disassemble and secure the head with more Teflon tape. Then firmly attach it to the arm.

Reasons why you should change your shower head

Shower Head

Is your shower head old or new? If yours has been hanging in the barn for a while, it is the time to upgrade. You probably have not thought about this yet. If you are like most people, a shower is a side issue, a daily, everyday task.

You have become accustomed to your simple old shower and do not know how a good shower can improve the state of mind, relieve tension, relieve from aches and more.

Here are various powerful reasons why you need to change your shower head:

  • Good water pressure

The old shower heads had a very low speed of water but with a modern shower, you get the maximum speed. This way you get a powerful staircase through the shower.

  • Modern and new style

The modern and the new style shower heads have a new touch and a beautiful design that gives an elegant look to your bathroom.

  • Relieve from the aches

The most common pains such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches are our most important partners. Therefore, a daily massage is required to be released from them. Waterpik replacement showerheads have enough power to give you relief from this kind of pain.

  • Great features

New and unique features are something to like from the newest showers. These showers are not just simple showers but they have more than just the hot and cold functions. They have settings for multiple sprays, adjustable height, maintenance of the water, the strength to give full massages and many more useful functions.

Keep this moving! To make sure your new hardware works correctly and the water flows freely in the long run, clean your shower head. Remember that, after changing your shower it is advisable to keep on cleaning it regularly. 

This is after the first signs of clogs or lower water pressure to keep scaling away. You can use a cleaner or unscrew the head and put it in the dishwasher. Whichever maintenance approach you choose, make sure that you clean it regularly, so that you have a refreshing shower for years.

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