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Picture the time before the invention of the showerhead. Giving it a more profound thought brings out the grinding hassle one had to go through when they to take a shower. A shower head brings onboard your bathroom convenience, comfort and is timesaving you barely spend any time getting water ready.

However, not every shower head is the right fit for your bathroom. It is essential to invest in the best water saving shower heads as it comes with extra benefits to you and the environment too.

At such a time when conservation of the meagre resources such as the provision of clean water and energy, the gospel of efficiency has to be heeded, otherwise, you end up digging deeper into your pockets.

Therefore, a good shower head should be efficient in the manner it dispenses and heats water to ensure that only what is needed is availed at the time. This saves on your water bills, energy bills and is friendly to the environment as we get less wastewater in our sewer systems.

I set a mission that cost me several nights sleeps to get a list of the tops water-saving showerheads that available in the market. I was able to compile a list of six showerheads that I believe are what might save you the extra water and energy bills while keeping your conscious bright on matters to do with environmental and resources conservation.

The 6 Best water saving shower heads Reviews 2021

1. Speakman S-2252-E2 Signature Shower Head

Shower head

It has a compact design that allows for consistent, powerful water jets even at low flow rates. This enables the self-cleaning nozzle feature to function throughout the use of the shower head. It controls the water flow with the use of a specialized water-saving LID-standard 2.0 GPM flow limiter for improved water conservation.

Using its Speak man Any-stream ® plunger nozzle system together with the pressure-compensating Autopilot ® limiter it helps to save on the water being used. These features of in the shower head allow it to meet the required regulations and save water up to 20% more compared to the standard shower head.

It has attained both water Sense Certification and is ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1 compliant. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufactures on any manufacturing defects upon purchase.

  • Comes with the patented Anystream 360° technology that allows for directional water sprays
  • Comes in a variant of colors to fit a majority of bathroom decors
  • Has an anti-clogging technology and scale resistant surface that are effectively
  • Has an adjustable neck that allows for adjustments long after the initial installation
  • Made of rustproof solid brass
  • Has its control lever mounted on the shower head for easy controls and installation too
  • A complicated shower head as it comes with a mounted valve and may require a replacement of the full assembly if it failed

2. Delta 2-Spray Shower Head

The Delta shower head is made of a metal and a plastic shower end, which is given a polished chrome, which is a design that blends in most of the bathroom decors.

The shower head comes with a two-setting adjustable water spray to fit the use. You can get a slower water shower when lathering up and a quicker and more reliable spar when rinsing or draining off.

You get one shower that serves both purposes just right. It also has an innovative technology that allows for unique water wave patterns that improve the delivery and feel during showering. It also comes with a limited lifetime faucet & finishes warranty from the manufacturer.

Delta that covers against any damage and manufacturers defects. It also comes with all the necessary installation parts making it easy to fit in your bathroom through DIY in a matter of minutes.

You do not need a plumber fixing it in the place of the old standard shower head. It also features a compact design and measures in at 3-7/8 inches in width, 7/6 inches in height. It can be adjusted at 360 degrees rotation to deliver the water shower at any angle even after installation.

With its adjuster knob on the head, it is possible to meter the water delivered on the shower end in a range of up to 1.8 GPM to 2.5 GPM of water, which allows saving on the water during use.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Has an adjuster on the shower head that allows for better water control thus saving it
  • The shower head can rotate at 360 degrees allowing for shower adjustments even after installations
  • Comes in a great chrome finish to fit in any of the decors
  • It is only available in one finish

3. High Sierra's All Metal Shower head

Shower head

The High Sierra's shower head is constructed of an all-metal head consisting of aluminium and brass metal rending the shower head durable and corrosion-resistant too. The shower head is also available in four different finishes offering a wide variety for you to find one that matches your preferences or goes right with your decor.

You can choose from the chrome, nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed finishes available in the market. It also features an innovative anti-clog technology using the patented technology on the FCS nozzle, that works through the use of water pressure to self-clean of any scale build-up and threatening to block the water jets.

The nozzles are also capable of delivering a forceful water spray despite having a low water inflow. This has been made possible due to its compact design combined by a patented valve technology that helps in the build-up of pressure inside the shower head.

It also has a ball joint that can be swivelled at 360 degrees joint that allows for adjustment of the shower head position during showering. From research carried out and experimentation, the water head has been seen to be saving up to 40% of water compared to a standard water head.

The shower head has also been passed and has the Water Sense and ASME A112.18.1 certifications as they comply with the standards of saving on water usage and energy too.

  • Comes in a variant of finishes to pick from
  • Made of aluminum and brass thus can resist corrosion
  • The compact design accelerates the water and the jets that form a constriction add on speed to give a strong water spray even at low water inflows
  • The anti -jet clog technology keeps the shower head functioning just right over the entire period in use
  • Has a swivel joint that allows for adjustments during use
  • Does not come with a control valve mounted on the shower head. It has to be bought separately.

4. Niagara N2915CH 1.5 GPM Chrome Shower Head

Shower head

The Niagara N2915CH shower head comes in a beautiful chrome finish that is ideal for a majority of bathroom decors. It is made of corrosion-resistant metal and a polished finish that is resistant to dirt that significantly improves on its durability and maintenance too.

The high-affected ABS thermoplastic body exceeds the ANSI specifications we have a guaranteed for a whopping 10-years. Its compact size to save on the water, allowing one to save up to 40% of water compared to the standard shower head found in the market.

It is also capable of delivering robust and consistent water pressure as thanks to its compact design and well-engineered nozzles that increase the speed of water to give the illusion of using more water during a bath.

The shower head also has 9-jet adjustable water turbo that can be used to massage the soft muscles through the use of a gentle, rotating needle-like spray that strikes the skin to give a massage effect.

It also features a swivel joint that allows for adjustment of the shower direction while using it. Being UN-aerated shower head, it reduces the temperatures loses that occur as the water flows out, ensuring that you save more on the energy required in heating the water.

  • A compact design that saves on water
  • It is un-aerated which save on temperature loss which in turn save on energy too
  • Has a pressure compensation system that takes in low water inflow to give out a high-pressure water jet
  • Made of corrosion resistant and durable material
  • Do not come with the control valve in the head and it has to be bought separately.

5. Speakman S-3010 Neo Anystream Shower Head

Shower head

The Speakman S-3010 employs a circular disk design made is made of lightweight-engineered plastic and with metal casing. The metal casing can be finished in four different ways, the chrome polish, matte black, oiled-bronze and polished nickel variants. This gives one freedom of choice to choose what fits their preferences.

The shower head employs the patented Anystream 360° technology that allows for angular control of the water sprays from jets on the lower face of the shower end.

Here, it is equipped with five adjustable jets, each having ten small planes making that a total of 50 aircraft in total. These jets can be used to produce a pulsating stream that can be used as a massage tool for the soft muscles, too.

It can deliver up to 2.5 GPM of water, like most high-end shower heads but with much effectiveness and illusion thanks to its speed. It is also easy to install as it comes with all the parts ready and its plumbing goes into many of the household plumbing systems.

It also comes with a limited warranty from the manufactures against any premature failures in the warrant periods or because of any defective product from the factory.

  • It has been fitted with patented plunger system that has been statistically proven to boost water intensity, providing a consistent spray performance even under low water pressure
  • Comes in different finishes that give options to customers
  • Capable of giving out high pressure thus can be used as a massage tool for soft muscles on the body periphery.
  • Has its control knob on the shower head for convenience during showering
  • Its compact design helps save on water and so it energy
  • Its shower head does not have a swivel thus can be a bit problematic too as once installed.

6. High Sierra's All Metal WaterSense Certified Shower head

Shower head

The High Sierra's shower head is made of solid aluminium and brass metal, giving it more durability than the plastic competitors do in the market in performance and durability. It also comes in four different colour shades to match virtually any bathroom decor. It is available in chrome, nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed finishes.

The new shower head can deliver a water shower at a rate of 1.8 gallons per minutes, thus allowing for a better spread and bigger water droplets than the standard shower head.

This makes the shower spray strong enough for easy use while showering. It also features a patented FCS nozzle technology that makes the shower nozzles not clog up for a consistent and improved showering experience all through its use.

The technology, also a build-up of pressure and shower spread creates an illusion of using more water. It also features a compact design with an excellent shower delivery, which allows it to save up to 28% of the water that you would use with a standard showerhead.

This saves on the energy needed to heat the water as you less hot water is used in the process. The showerhead has also received a WaterSense Certification and Certifications: A112.18 because of its water-saving capabilities.

  • Come in different finishes that can fit in many decors
  • Features an anti-clog patented technology that is functional
  • Comes with a swivel joint that allows for adjustments even after installation
  • Delivers a better water spray from its well-designed water jets on the shower end
  • A small compact design that saves on water up to 28% and has great mark-ups in energy savings too.
  • Does not come with an internal gate valve thus the need to have a separate installed

How to Choose the Best Water Saving Shower Heads

When it comes to getting a shower head, their many factors you would need to consider to get the right fit for you. Some of the critical questions you will have to ask include:

Water-Saving Effectiveness

The essence of getting the water-saving shower head is to save as much water as possible. Therefore, it is out-rightly correct to want to pick the shower head that has the best figures statistically as it stands the best chance to save more water, thus reducing the water bill and consequently the energy bill too.


We all have different preferences for many things, and most anything that affects our households. They, in a way, tell a lot about our personality.

Therefore, besides picking a shower head for its exterior beauty, functionality in the space should always take centre stage. An example, a good shower head should be capable of being adjusted via a swivel arm once installed, which gives room for customization to what might work for us best.


Most of these items are usually an afterthought or disappointment with standard shower heads that were initially installed. Therefore, the new shower head should come in the right size to fit right in where e we have removed the old shower head.

This makes it easy and quick installation with no need to have to redo the plumbing system, which would take more time and turn expensive too.


While making such a significant investment in a product that will serve you for a long time, it is essential to ensure that the manufacturer covers the product just in case it has manufacturing defects or may fail for any other reasons.

This helps protect your investment against loss in case there is a problem with buying the item. It always gives some peace of mind and lets you enjoy the product to the fullest when you know you are covered.

The Cost

The cost of the shower head is influenced by virtually all the above factors, including the brand too. Being a factor affected by many variables, it is essential to prioritize all your considerations while looking to buy a shower head and from the best combination, try to look for the fairest priced product to buy.

Final Verdict

From all the information I have provided above, I know some already have a favorite and with personal reasons to back up the claim. I too had a favorite shower head that stood out in matters of functionality, efficiency and, more so, on design.

The Speakman S-3010 shower head checked all the boxes I was looking for. It has an excellent disk design and is available in a variant of colors to choose from too. Apart from merely being a water and power saving shower head.

It also comes with added functionalities, such as the ability to pulsate the water jets, which can help in massaging the soft muscles and for a very fair price. Therefore, it is time to save on water and energy while being environmentally conscious. Get your best water saving shower head right way.

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