Best Tankless Water Heaters Reviews 2022

Hot water tanks are used in most households and commercial buildings. As the name entails, they heat water for a variety of reasons.

Whether you want to shower with warm water or need hot water for tea, hot water tanks control the temperature of water for the user’s needs.

However, sometimes you’ll need quick access to a water heater, and it would be more convenient to have one sitting right under your sink.

Maybe your storage hot water tank doesn’t work how it’s supposed to. Investing in the best tankless water heater is a great idea. However, do you want to go researching for hours which one is the best? You don’t have to as I’ve done all that hard work for you.

Comparison Table of Best Tankless Water Heaters

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Top 6 Best Tankless Water Heaters – In-Depth Reviews

1. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2.5-Gallon (ES2.5) - Eliminate Time for Hot Water - Shelf, Wall or Floor Mounted Tankless Water Heater

Overall, this water heater is priced reasonably for its size. This seems like it’ll be too big when you see the weight and dimensions of this tankless water heater, but it’s easy to fit in tight spaces including under your sink.

Its highly rated and works remarkably compared to some water heaters. Fantastic for RVs and travelling to places with the right connections.


  • Priced fairly
  • Heats quickly longer
  • Simple installation
  • Saves water usage
  • Made with quality


  • Heavier compared to others
  • Possible to be defective
  • Not as long lasting

2. Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater

Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater Electric Water Heater

A small bit larger and pricey compared to tankless other water heaters, but it gets the job done for the most part. It heats up quickly, heat doesn’t last more than 20 minutes at most, but it will reheat quick.

The shipping is free and speedy, but isn’t packed high for delivery and tends to get dented during transit and will tear up the box.


  • Sturdy/ well built
  • Heats & reheats quickly
  • Easy to install
  • Long warranty
  • Fast delivery


  • Can’t use with a water softener
  • Leaks are possible
  • Not packaged well for delivery

3. Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini Tank Water Heater Water Heater

This water heater is easy to use almost anywhere with the right hook-ups. The size also makes it easy to put under sinks or out of the way.

The price is reasonably high for its size compared to other tankless water heaters and isn’t the best quality either. For the most part, this product is decent to use, but many different water heaters last longer and are of higher quality for less.


  • Compact & convenient
  • Quick instillation
  • Immediate hot water
  • Warranty included
  • East temperature adjustment


  • Terrible customer service
  • Chance of leaks
  • Short term breakage possible

4. Falcon Stainless EXPT-2 Thermal Potable Water Expansion Water Heater

WATTS WATER TECHNOLOGIES GIDDS-1030401 Potable Water Expansion Tank, Model #Plt-5, Stainless Steel Nipple, 2.1 Gallon, Lead Free Water Heater

There is next to no complaints about this water heater. On the off chance, there is an issue; their customer support is quick and provides some of the best help out there.

Such a simple and easy to understand product for a price you can’t beat. The size is perfect, and it works fantastic too. This tankless water heater is top-rated and is highly recommended to purchase and use.


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent replacement
  • High pressure
  • Good quality
  • Great customer support


  • Possible faulty parts
  • Could damage during delivery
  • No return receipt

5. Anaheim AH-1300 Quick and Hot Instant Hot Water Tank

Anaheim AH-1300 Quick and Hot Instant Hot Water Tank

Water Heater

One of the best rated tankless water heaters online. Comes with everything needed to be set up, including the option to have an expert install for you, taking so much stress of figuring it out on your own.

An extremely reliable water heater is providing quick access at all times. Reasonably sized for in-home use and isn’t too heavy either. If there’s ever an issue, customer service from the company is professional and supportive.


  • Long lasting
  • Reasonable price
  • Quick use
  • Great replacement
  • Warranty included


  • Difficult installation
  • Possible leakage
  • Can overheat

How to Choose the Best Tankless Water Heater

Determining which one fits your needs and wants is crucial. Don’t just buy one because it’s the cheapest or smallest. The following are essential to deciding on the right water heater for you:

Overall Budget/ Price- Range

How much are you willing to spend on buying the product and having it delivered to you?

  • Determining your price range is helped by figuring out the size you need or want
  • Factor in shipping costs, if any

Are you purchasing additional parts for the water heater?

  • Your price range needs to account for whether or not the water heater you buy includes all the correct parts for hooking it up
  • If they don’t, you also need to determine how much you’re going to spend on anything needed to set it up properly

Are you going to hire someone to help set it up?

  • It’ll cost you more to hire someone, but it’s worth it unless you know exactly how to install it already

The Perfect Size

Most tankless water heaters are installed under a sink, whether it’s in a kitchen or bathroom

To determine the right fit, the following is essential to do:

  • Measure the dimensions of the space underneath your sink
  • Determine how many gallons you want the tank to hold
  • Figure out how much space you’re willing it to take up
  • Check the dimensions of the water heater and measure them to the ones under the sink

The Reviews & How Issues are Resolved

Check out what other people are saying about the tankless water heater you’re considering buying

What is the overall rating? (e.i. 4 out of 5 stars)

Why are people saying it’s a good or bad product?

Try and find out if the company has acknowledged the problems people have had with the product.

  • Does the company brush off the issues or try to fix them?
  • Do they respond consistently to their customers?

Getting the Most Efficiency

This is already more efficient and saves more water than a storage hot water tank

  • This especially holds when a tankless water heater at each place you want hot water
  • Tankless tend to last much longer too, making the initial higher cost at the beginning worthwhile longer down the road

Get your water heater installed professionally

  • An expert knows how to fix it properly, so the chances of costly issues are less likely to happen
  • They can also give you tips on having the best efficiency

How to Install and Maintain your Water Heater

Either you can install the tank yourself (risky) or hire a professional (preferred). Here’s what to expect:

If you hire a professional:

  • Search for someone with good reviews and is in your price range
  • Ensures installation is done properly

If you DIY:

  • Saves money for the short term, but could cost you more in the long run if installed improperly
  • Follow the directions exactly and contact support if you have any issues

Whether a professional or you perform maintenance, it’s has to be done a certain way: flushing the system

  • Doing this requires you follow the instructions provided about cleaning it
  • This must be done every six months to a year consistently

Final Verdict

Investing in a tankless water heater is something to consider. If you do, finding the perfect one for you is essential. After reviewing several for you, I’ve determined what I believe is best to consider purchasing.

The option I highly recommend is the Falcon Stainless EXPT-2 Thermal Potable Water Expansion Water Heater. 

Overall, this tankless water heater meets all the requirements people are looking for: cheap, durable, compact, and long-lasting. On top of this checking all the necessary boxes, the company strives to help fix any problems their customers may encounter with their product.

Not only is their best tankless water heaters the best one I reviewed, but the company has the best customer service too.

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