Best Submersible Pump Reviews 2022

Remember the days you used to draw water from a well using a bucket with a rope tied to it? Gone are those days.

With a submersible pump, you can bring the water from deep water sources without much strain and time consumption, which makes such pumps the best option for those who draw water from reservoirs and wells.

That well, however, it takes time and energy to locate the best submersible pumps since a lot of manufacturers offer these machines and none of them agrees to have offered nothing but the best submersible pump.

To help you make the right decision when picking among the different options, below is a review of the top 5 submersible pumps and a buyer’s guide that should help you select the right unit. Have a look as you look forward to making an informed choice.

Comparison Table of Submersible Pump

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Why Do I Need a Submersible Pump

You are wondering why a submersible pump is an essential machine? Well, note that, unlike the pumps that pump the water from an elevated source.

Submersible pumps push the water to the surface, which is less energy-consuming than using the pumps that pull the water to the surface.

Because of this, you can get the pump with the assurance of getting one that is affordable to use in the long run.

Uses of Submersible Pumps

For those who might be wondering what the use of submersible pumps is, ideally, these machines are designed to pump the water from a water body, but they are intended to use when submerged in the water.

This means that you can use them for irrigation where you can use them to draw the water from a reservoir and into the pipes that irrigate your farm.

Besides that, you can use the pumps to pump water from a deep borehole or well, which means that they are a great option when you want to supplement the water supply.

Apart from that, the pumps are an excellent choice for users looking forward to draining unwanted water bodies such as a pond or a pool when cleaning.

Recommended top 5 Best Submersible Pump–In-Depth Reviewed

1. Homdox 1.5 HP Stainless Steel Submersible Sump Pump

Homdox 1.5 HP Stainless Steel Submersible Sump Pump Dirty Clean Water Pump w/ 15ft Cable and Float Switch (1.5HP)

Highlighted features

  • 3000GPH maximum flow rate guarantees fast draining results.
  • 26feet electric cord enhances a greater reach.
  • 10m cable with plug.
  • High power and stainless steel material
  • Suitable for garden irrigation
  • Pool drainage and other oxygenation

Clinching the top position is the HP stainless steel pump which serves as an excellent choice for a user who needs to drain the water fast. The pump features a 3000GPH maximum flow rate which enables it to drain out the water fast.

It works with 1” and 1¼” discharge fittings which mean that you can expect it to work with a variety of fittings. The pump comes with a 26-feet electric cord designed to enhance a greater reach. Its maximum suction rate is 28 feet.

Pros Cons
  • The pump drains water fast.
  • An auto shut-off feature enables it to go off when the water level is low.
  • Long electrical cord provides plenty of length for one to plug it into an outlet.
  • Solid construction guarantees durability.
  • Sometimes, it becomes necessary for the user to hold the float switch up so that the pump can drain all the water.

2. VIVOSUN 1600 GPH Submersible Water Pump

VIVOSUN 1600 GPH Submersible Water Pump Pond Pump 100W Ultra Quiet Aquarium Pump with 20.3ft Power Cord High Lift for Pond Waterfall Fish Tank Statuary Hydroponic

Looking forward to purchasing a submersible water pump that is designed to deliver years of reliable performance? If yes, you should consider purchasing Vivosun submersible water pump.

The fact that the pump is made from a silicon carbide material makes it a great choice when you are looking for a pump that is designed to last for long.

Also, the pump features an IPX-8degree waterproof construction, which assures you of safety when you submerge it into the water.

You can get the pump when you are looking for one that operates quietly, thanks to the ultra-quiet operation design where the pump operates at a 30-40 decibel noise level.

That not all since the pump features a low-power consumption design which means that you can also benefit from low energy bills.

The submersible pump can drain the water at a 1600GPH rate to guarantee fast results. Its lift height can be adjusted to 13.7feet which makes it suitable for use in a variety of water sources.

The pump comes with a detachable filter and a portable handle to enhance convenience wherever you use it.

Highlighted features

1. A flexible tube size is suitable for use with different filters.

2. Silicon carbide material construction guarantees durability.

3. 1600GPH flow rate enables the water pump to drain the water fast.

Pros Cons
  • The pump can be used as a submersible or in-line pump.
  • A 20.3feet power cord guarantees a greater reach.
  • An adjustable outlet direction enhances easy installation and versatility.
  • The pump is suitable for a variety of applications including waterfalls, fish tanks, irrigation systems, and ponds.
  • Several users complain about the pump’s overheating after frequent use.

3. Submersible Water Pump, Tacklife 1/3 HP Automatic ON/OFF Electric Water Removal Pump

Wayne 57729-WYN1 EEAUP250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Electric Water Removal Pump , Black

Eliminate stagnant water from any environment once you equip yourself with the Tacklife submersible water pump.

Equipped with a pure copper motor, you can get this pump when you are looking for one that is designed to deliver a better and more-lasting performance.

The motor features overheat protection, assuring you that it will not burn out. On the other hand, the bottom grid suction includes a filter and delivers an anti-clogging force, enabling the pump to work effectively.

You can get this product as a solution for a submersible pump that is designed to work in low-noise environments since it delivers a low sound rated at 30 decibels.

Apart from that, the pump is a great option when you are looking for one that is easy to use since it is equipped with a smart electronic sensor. .

The sensor works in such a way that it enables the pump to turn on automatically when the water is above 1¼” and shut down when the water level is below ¼”.

The smart pump can pump up to 42.5gallons of water per minute thanks to the 1/3HP high-efficiency motor. With it, you can be sure to finish projects fast and with less trouble due to the ¾” adapter check valve that prevents reversal water flow when the pump is in use.

The pump is constructed using a durable thermoplastic designed to guarantee strength. You can get this product when you are looking for one that is suitable for use in swimming pools, farms, flooded basements, fountains, among other water transfer applications.

Highlighted features

1. 2250GPH flow rate guarantees fast-draining results.

2. Pure copper motor guarantees reliable performance.

3. Durable thermoplastic structure enhances strength.

4. ¾” adapter check valves prevent reverse water flow.

Pros Cons
  • The pump features a low-noise design rated at 30DB.
  • UL-listed design enhances safety.
  • A bottom mesh filter protects the pump from debris build up.
  • A portable grip makes the pump easy to lift and carry.
  • The pump takes some time to prime, but this happens in some instances.

4. Ironton Submersible Pump

Ironton Submersible Water Pump - 1,268 GPH, 1/8 HP, 1in. Port, Model Number P01-011-0012

Get the power that is required to tackle arduous tasks once you get the Ironton submersible pump. The pump is equipped with a 110Volt motor enabling it to deliver the power that is needed to handle tasks that need a lot of power.

Moreover, the motor features an overload protection which means that you can get it with an assurance of safety and reliable performance.

The pump acts as the perfect choice when you are looking for the best submersible pump for draining flooded cellars, pool covers, boat bilges, and ponds.Once you get it, you can expect to receive ½”, ¾,” and 1” hose adapters designed to enhance versatility.

Highlighted features

1. Polypropylene pump housing guarantees strength.

2. 10feet power cord assures you of a greater reach.

3. A 1268GPH flow rate enables the unit to draw the water fast.

Pros Cons
  • The pump drains the water fast.
  • Its power cord is long enough to enhance a greater reach.
  • A solid construction guarantees reliable performance.
  • The fact that it doesn’t feature an automatic on/off design means that you are required to plug it and unplug it manually.

5. ECO-FLO Products SUP56 Manual Submersible Utility Pump

ECO-FLO Products SUP56 Manual Submersible Utility Pump, 1/3 HP, 2,880 GPH

Though the Eco-Flo products utility pump concludes the list, there are lots of features that make it worth adding to these products, among these a 2880GPH flow rate.

The fact that the pump features a high flow rate makes it a great choice when you are in need of a utility pump that is designed to deliver fast results.

Apart from that, the pump includes a 1/3HP water-cooled motor and a 10feet power cord designed to ensure a greater reach.

You can get the pump as the answer to a submersible utility pump that is designed to last, thanks to the corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction.

Also, the pump includes an efficient 115V permanent split capacitor motor designed to ensure a lower carbon footprint and higher efficiency.

 Highlighted features

1. 2880GPH flow rate enables the pump to drain water fast.

2. 115V permanent split capacitor motor ensures a lower carbon footprint and higher efficiency.

3. Thermoplastic construction ensures durability by protecting the pump from corroding.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with all the accessories so that you can use it as soon as it arrives.
  • Thermoplastic impeller and hosing enhance strength.
  • A pretty long 10 feet power cord ensures a greater reach.
  •  It is quite noisy when operating.

How to choose the best submersible pump- Features to consider

Submersible Pump

Check valve

No one would love to get a submersible pump that will result in double work when you can handle the work in one pass. For this reason, ensure that the submersible pump you purchase includes a check valve.

The valve is designed to prevent the pumped water from flowing back into the water source enabling you to handle the task fast and effectively.

Float switch

Another feature that the best submersible pump should include is a float switch. The reason behind this is that most of us have other duties to deal with rather than standing there and inspecting the water flow until the basin is drained.

Hence, get a float switch that turn the pump on when the water is above a certain level and off when the water is below a certain level. That way, you can be sure that the pump will work effectively and with less interference.

Motor power

A good pump should derive its power from a motor that is reliable in terms of its ability to deliver enough power and a long-lasting performance. So, be sure to consider this based on the task at hand.

Pump size

Let’s face it, water sources are of different sizes where you may come across a shallow water basin and a wide one.

Having in mind that submersible pumps are designed to used when put in the water source, then you should ensure that it can fit into the basin.

If the water basin is narrow, then you should get a pump that features a narrow design. On the other hand, if the water basin is wide, then you can go for a big pump but ensure that it can fit into the basin.

Construction materials

Besides the size, you should get a submersible pump that is built with materials that can last. After all, no one has the time or money to waste in buying a new pump as a result of its failure. So, get a pump that features materials that are corrosion-and-rust-resistant.

Tips for maintenance of a submersible pump

For those who want their pumps to last, then you know that maintenance is a must the reason you must conduct some maintenance checks from time to time. But, what do I mean by maintenance checks?

In simple terms, this means that you should allocate some time to looking for defects on the pump so that you can correct the problems that may be resulting in an improper functioning of the pump. In this case, look for symptoms such as;

Irregular waterflow

Have you noted an irregular flow of the water being pumped by the submersible pump? If yes, you will need to consider the possible causes of these since you do not want the pump to to fail completely.

Hence, check for things such as a cracked pipe or a broken check valve. If none of these exist, consider working with an expert to find out the reason.


If you do not want to deal with costly repairs in the long run, then you must check if your pump is overheating. There are several reasons why the pump may overheat including insufficient water in the water source and the fact that the pump is failing.

If there is insufficient water, then you should switch off the pump. On the other hand, if the water is sufficient and the pump overheating, then talk to a professional so that you can get it inspected for the possible causes.

Excessive noise

Have you noted a rise in the sound level of the submersible pump’s motor? If so, then you should stop using it immediately and have it inspected.

Some of the possible causes can be insufficient liquid levels, or blocked or failing components. So, check the liquid levels and also look for visible debris and remove this to see if the pump will operate normally.

Decreased liquid output

A decrease in the output level may be as a result of low liquid supply, a low water table, general wear and tear, obstruction as a result of sand, grit, and debris, or a restricted impeller.

So, inspect the pump for these possible causes and be sure to correct the issue. If the pump if not pumping any water at all, inspect the circuit breaker to ensure that it has not fallen.

High electricity bills

If you have noted a rise in the electricity bills, then you should consider the fact that that might be resulting from the submersible pump. In this case, look for blockage in the system, insufficient impeller clearance, or a fail of the pump or float switch.


If you note unusual clogging when the pump is working or cloudy water, then this should tell you that the filter is not working. So, consider flushing the pump to clear the blockage or deal with a professional technician for the change of the filter.

Final verdict

Submersible pumps can help us handle a lot of duties fast and effectively. In fact, you can drain the water from a stagnant water body and even supplement your home’s water by pumping fresh water from the well.

Therefore, avoid settling for any competitor product since you will need to purchase a product that is designed to deliver reliable performance for a lot of years.

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