Best RV Tankless Water Heaters Reviews 2021

Tankless water heaters for RVs have become very popular in modern days. These tanks are well-designed to provide hot water depending on the user's demand. Owners of recreational vehicles can use hot water from these tanks when cooking and taking showers.

This has eliminated the need for heater takers that take a lot of space. The operation tankless water heater is very simple. Heat for heating the cold water is obtained from the electric element or gas burner.

The water leaving the unit is sufficiently hot for use. Water is continuously delivered depending on the user's demand.

Owners of recreation vehicles RVs are advised to choose the units with large tanks to prevent hot water from running out. This write-up is going to share the best tankless water heaters for RVs on the current market.





1. Rinnai RU199iN Sensei Super High Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

2. Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

3. PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

4. Camplux Electric Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

5. Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

5 Best RV Tankless Water Heaters - In Depth Reviews

#1. Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

This is a lightweight, compact, and easy to carry appliance making it an ideal option for off-grid use, camping, and outdoor showers and washing your pets.

It comes with a 20lb propane tank and a shutoff safety device that can be tilted in either direction. It has an automatic ignition system.

It has a maximum flow rate of 2.6 GPM. Its temperature ranges between 50 -140oF. It was invented in 2004 in Summerville.

It is a high selling portable tankless water heater that you can use for your RV. Its retailers are throughout Australia, Europe, and North America.

This appliance has an operating pressure that ranges from 20-80psi. Its temperature controls are easy to use. It comes with a 12-volt pump which works perfectly and efficiently.

  • It is a portable appliance making it ideal for outdoor showers and camping
  • It is easy to install-Its set up does not require special tools
  • It comes with a hot water outlet that provides in-state hot water
  • It is engineered with a battery powered-automatic ignition
  • It is difficult to set temperature while heating water
  • A new appliance does not come with a hose and showerhead- they are separately purchased

#2. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas

Water Heater

This is an energy-efficient tankless water heater that is gas-powered. It can be converted easily into a vent unit.

It is an excellent option for radiant heating and residential applications. Its overall dimensions are 20.3” H X 13.8” WX 6.7” D. Its average weight is 37 pounds.

Its heat exchanger comes with a 10-year warranty, but the other components have a five-year warranty. Its maximum flow rate is 6.6 GPM, and it can deliver up to 140,000 BTU hourly.

It can be used in apartments, making it more versatile. It is a more powerful device that uses less energy.

  • It is quite thin and compact- It can be installed easily in a recreational vehicle without problems
  • It is environmental -friendly and cost-efficient
  • It has a high flow rate of 6.6 GPM
  • Its energy factor ranges from 0.81 -0.83 making it energy efficient
  • It comes with adjustable temperature controls for adjusting temperatures
  • It comes with outlet thermostats that continually monitors the temperature
  • It must be used with a power supply
  • High installation cost- must be installed by a certified professional
  • It is designed or indoor use

#3. PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater - Wall Vented

Water Heater

This is a wall vented tankless heater specifically designed for RVs, tiny homes, trailers, mobile washing services, and washing services.

It takes about a third of the space occupied by a 10-gallon tank. It is designed and assembled in the US. Additionally, it is designed with proven, reliable VariFlame technology controls.

It can be installed easily. Its exhaust vent is located on its outside panel. This appliance is designed with an automatic, efficient modulation system.

Its built-in sensors help measure the water temperatures. It comes with a gas burner that adjusts automatically, ensuring a consistent output temperature.

  • It is an energy-efficient appliance that has an automatic gas modulation.
  • It has a high water output of 55,000 BTU’s making it one of the best tankless water heaters on the current market.
  • It comes with consistent temperatures controls that adjust the heating temperatures automatically
  • Easy installation
  • It is designed for indoor use only
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it more portable
  • It is specifically designed for RVs

#4. Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Water Heater

The Trion Water heater is one of the best portable water heaters which are powered by gas.

It is one of the most excellent solutions for campsites, cabins, and recreational vehicles. This is a steel tankless water heater with a flow rate of 1.5 GPM. It comes with an eight-foot hose that makes it a perfect option for outdoor use.

It can also be attached easily to a garden hose. Its heating unit is ignited automatically when the inlet flow pipe is on.

This appliance is designed with adjustable water flow and heat controls. It is also used in cleaning cars and pests. It comes with 2 D batteries that ignite it.

  • It is a multiple purpose heater- it can be used in cleaning pets
  • It comes with adjustable water flow and heat controls that improve the user's experience
  • It is compact, cheap and easy to install
  • It comes with four showerhead settings: shower, jet, mist, and off.
  • It has a high pressure ranging from 25 to 39 psi
  • It is only designed for outdoor use
  • Its maximum flow rate is relatively low, 1.5 GPM, when compared with the other top brands

#5. Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater

The Rinnai tankless heater is engineered with a condensing technology that has excellent energy savings. It is powered by propane or natural gas.

This appliance has been proven to be very efficient. It has a thermal efficiency of 95%. It comes with digital controllers that regulate the water temperatures.

Its dimensions are 26” W X 10” L X 10.0” D. Its average weight is 82 lbs. It has a minimal activation rate of 0.4 GPM. With this appliance, it is possible to heat water to a temperature of 140 degrees F. This appliance can be sued to power multiple showerheads and faucets.

  • It is energy efficient-Its energy factor ranges from 0.92-0.96
  • It has a compact design that saves on space
  • It can be installed easily making it an ideal option for indoor use
  • It has multiple venting options
  • It is an expensive tankless water heater
  • It is designed for indoor use only

Factors Considered When Choosing a Tankless Water Heater for a RV

Choosing the best water heater will make your recreation vehicle feel like home. A heater that is not powerful or that breaks down easily can make your life more miserable. Outlined here below are the essential factors that owners of RVs need to consider when buying tankless water heaters:

Type of Heater

There are different recreational heaters that you can choose from your vehicle ranging from water heaters that store water in tanks and tankless water heaters. The conventional tanks have tanks that require a lot of storage space.

Most of the recreational vehicles cannot accommodate large-sized tanks because they have limited spaces. The commonly used containers have a capacity of 10-gallons and 6 gallons, but small water heaters can have 4-gallons.

Tankless heaters are compact, making them a perfect option for RVs. In addition to this, they are well-designed to provide a continuous flow of hot water. This means that you don't have to waste time waiting for the water to become warm.


Tankless water heaters come in different sizes. The power of these tanks is determined by the maximum temperature rise and flow rate. The units for measuring flow rate are gallons per minute GPM.

You can determine the number of gallons needed per minute by computing your devices' total flow rate. Most of the topical faucets have an average flow rate of 1.5 GPM and 2.5 GPM for showers. A flow rate of 1.5 GM is enough for your recreational vehicle.

Individuals who use different devices like showers and faucets at the same time should go for devices with high flow rates. Once you have determined the flow rate needed, you should consider the temperature rise. A high-temperature increase is needed when the incoming water is icy.

 Power Sources

Most of these devices use either electricity or gas. Choosing the best device is hard since both types have their pros and cons. Power is not available for those guys who live in RVs. In such a case, electric water heaters will be useless. Gas-powered tanks use liquid propane as fuel.

Individuals who have tankless heaters that use gas water anywhere they go. The standard size for the propane tank is 20lbs, and it is readily available.

 Energy Efficiency

It is essential to check the efficiency of a water heater when purchasing one. Energy-efficient tanks have a low annual operating cost. Apart from saving cost, energy-efficient appliances are good for the environment.

You will use a small amount of energy to heat water if you have a device with a high energy factor. Gas-powered appliances have a higher energy factor as compared to elective ones. The energy factor and average cost of fuel can help you calculate the annual cost of heating water.


A gas-powered tankless water heater should have an efficient venting system. Most of the RVs' tankless heaters a designed with a direct venting system. They come with two vents; one serves as the exhaust while the other one is used for pulling air in from the environment.

The air can either go through a concentric pipe or two pipes-one for the exhaust and one for the inlet. The concentric vent has a parallel flow system. This is a single pipe separated by an insulation layer separating the hot air from the cold one.

Final Verdict

The reviews of the product discussed above can help you choose the best tankless water heater for your RV. This will significantly improve your camping experience. Owners of RVs should select appliances that meet their budget and needs.

The best appliance, in my opinion, is the Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, which is an energy-efficient appliance. This appliance is well-designed, making it a practical solution for both outdoor and indoor use. It is a powerful model with a maximum flow rate of 2.6 GPM.

It comes with a nine-feet hose that allows the user to connect it to the standard propane tank. This appliance is engineered with an automatic battery ignition system that eliminated the need for electrical connection.

It can also turn itself on when the water starts flowing. Additionally, it comes with temperature control knobs that allow the user to adjust the water temperature and temperature. Owners of RVs should invest in this powerful and budget-friendly appliance.

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