Best Massaging Shower Heads – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Enjoying a relaxing shower at the end of each day is something we all look forward to. The gentle feeling of the water on our aching bodies can bring a lot of comfort to us when we have spent all day hunched over a computer screen. Did you know, though, that you can highly customize your shower experience by choosing a shower head that can deliver different water streams? The best massaging shower heads can give you endless relaxation and satisfaction at the end of a long day.

There are a number of different types of shower heads available for you to choose from to personalize your shower experience. A massaging shower head is a great option for people who need that little something extra to help them release their tension. These shower heads work by creating a jet of water that pulsates or moves in a circular massaging motion to give you the relief you’re looking for. Here’s our review of the top massaging shower heads on the market today.

Recommendations: Best Massaging Shower Heads

​A. Hydroluxe Ultra-Luxury 2 in 1 Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo

Hydroluxe massaging shower heads

This Hydroluxe shower head is totally packed with features. Made in all chrome, this shower head has the ability to be used as a fixed shower head, or as a handheld shower head for those who prefer a more flexible shower experience. This model functions with five settings: massage, power rain, stay-warm mist, water-saving economy rain and pause to give you complete control over the water pressure. There are 24 full and combined water flow patterns available

The combination shower head can be used individually or both together to deliver you a truly relaxing shower experience. A simple switch will allow you to direct the water flow to each shower head depending on your needs. When using the handheld shower head, you have five feet of hose to allow you full movement without restriction. 

​These oversize shower heads feature 4-inch chrome faces and a 3-way water diverter to enable complete adjustment of the water jet. The unit features an anti-swivel lock nut so that the showerheads will stay in place during use, making this a sturdy addition to your bathroom setup. The 10 year warranty also ensures complete satisfaction with the model.


  • ​24 settings give you complete control over your water spray.
  • ​Two shower heads to give you both a fixed water position and a handheld head for flexibility.
  • ​Oversized faces deliver more water per second of use
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Highly adjustable with anti-swivel locks so that one you set the position it will stay there.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    10 year warranty.


  • ​Flow regulator in the divert-er which makes the shower head seem underexposed unless it is removed.
  • ​Two shower heads might be too much for some shower setups.
  • ​Large unit means that it will require more installation than other models.

B. Culligan Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage

Culligan massaging shower heads

The Culligan filtered massaging shower head is a great option for those who prefer a wall mounted shower head option. With a focus on the environmentally conscious, this shower head meets EPA Water Sense certification and is fully integrated with a WHR-140 filter that filters sulfur odor, chlorine and scale for up to six months without replacement. The anti-bacterial filter media ensures the cleanest water delivery to you and your family, all while giving you the best massaging water streams that you are looking for.

This shower head features a rubber spray nozzle with anti clog features, meaning it requires less cleaning. There are five different spray settings for ultimate comfort, from a soothing full body spray to pulsating massage. You’ll also experience two gallons of water flow per minute. If you suffer from dry, damaged hair and skin as a result of hard water, then the Culligan filtered shower head is perfect for you as it will soften the water and remove water impurities. This will also reduce scalp itchiness, too. This model is also super easy to install and requires no extra tools.


  • ​Filtration unit softens water and can increase the health of your hair and scalp.
  • ​Anti-clog rubber face means less time spent cleaning the shower head.
  • ​Wall mounted so it takes up very little space.
  • ​Delivers two gallons of water per minute.
  • ​Filter lasts six months and can be replaced easily and without extra tools.


  • ​Not so useful in areas that already have generally soft water.
  • The unit is quite heavy and might not be supported by the holder unit.
  • ​Filter requires replacing every six months.

C. Speakman 2-2005 HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head  

Speakman massaging shower heads

If you’re looking for a modern, feature-packed shower head, then the Speakman Anystream high pressure shower head is the one for you. Featuring the patented Anystream 360° technology which delivers seamless transition between any of the spray settings with a simple motion, this shower head delivers an invigorating barrage of water to massage your tight muscles. In total, there are 58 different spray combinations to ensure you have the most customized shower experience. In addition, the 2.5 gallons of water flow per minute gives you unparalleled pressure.

One of the best things about this shower head is that it comes in multiple finishes to match any bathroom décor. The recognizable chrome finish will suit any setup, but the brushed nickel will deter watermarks and give you a clean, long lasting impression. Brushed chrome and polished brass, on the other hand, will add a rustic charm to your bathroom. This shower head is found in luxury resorts around the world, and is known for its performance and quality. Overall, this shower head is perfect for people who put a high price on function and form.


  • ​Available in four different corrosion resistant finishes to complement any bathroom decor.
  • ​Features eight massage nozzles to deliver a satisfying massage.
  • Features a total of 58 different water flow combinations including massage and spray.
  • ​Anystream technology makes it easy to change between settings.
  • Small and lightweight which makes installation and maintenance simple.


  • ​The water restrictor may require power tools to remove.
  • ​Shower nozzle has been reported to clog easily.
  • ​The plastic housing can be weak and can break easily.

D. WantBa High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head  

WantBa massaging shower heads

Rainfall shower heads are becoming all the rage these days in contemporary, modern bathroom setups, and for good reason, too. These shower heads allow for a very relaxing shower experience. This particular model features a giant, six-inch span, delivering more water per minute than most other offerings. Despite the larger face, the shower head performs well even in houses with low water pressure and is a great option when other shower heads fail to perform. In addition, this shower head is easy to disassemble for cleaning which is essential in homes with hard water.

The WantBa shower head features a total of 57 jets that enable full coverage of your shower area with the water. There are no adjustable settings – this shower head delivers a fully massaging experience every time. The consistency of the spray gives you a spa-like experience, and you can adjust the shower head smoothly thanks to the action of the metal swivel ball built into the connector. Not only that, but installation is super easy with no tools required.


  • ​Delivers a consistent, massaging spray every time.
  • ​High performance even in homes where there is generally low water pressure.
  • Easy to adjust and swivel the shower head.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    ​Easy to disassemble to remove build up due to hard water.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Six inch face to give you high water coverage.


  • ​Only one water jet setting.
  • ​Water stream sprays straight rather than out to the side, so the stream of water is only six inches wide.
  • ​Rainfall shower heads might seem weaker to people who aren’t used to them.

E. YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head  

YOO.MEE massaging shower heads

The YOO.MEE shower head is another handheld offering, giving you complete freedom and flexibility in your showering experience. With a powerful spray even when there is low water pressure in the home, this massaging shower head offers versatility and flexibility so that you can relax easily. Featuring silicone rubber jet nozzles with anti-clog technology, the shower head is durable and strong with engineering grade heat resistant plastic encased in stainless steel housing. The 79 inch hose offers additional movement within your shower space.

Featuring a number of useful settings, this shower head allows for a super relaxing shower massage, as well as a powerful pulsating spray to ease aching muscles. The shower head comes with the wall mounted bracket and all the extras you’ll need to install the shower head, including extra flow restrictors, washers and Teflon tape and takes only minutes to install. Overall, this shower head is the perfect handheld option for high pressure massage options in low water pressure homes.


  • ​Long 79 inch hose allows movement within the shower area.
  • ​Handheld model to deliver flexibility and function.
  • Rubber face allowing for easy cleaning of hard water buildup.
  • ​Multiple settings including soft and pulsating massage.
  • Super easy to install.


  • ​The shower hose can develop rust after a few months of use.
  • ​Hardware to connect the pipe to the head is plastic and can break when over tightened.
  • ​You can’t restrict the water from certain jets.

F. Waterpik Hand Held Shower Head  

Waterpik massaging shower heads

The Waterpik hand held shower head is the perfect hand held shower head for those who wish to have complete control over the water stream. With a total of six spray settings, this shower head can deliver a full body spray, a full body massaging spray, power spray, pulsating massage and a slow massage, as well as a water saving trickle. The 2.5 gallons per minute flow ensures that you feel 100% of the water pressure at all times. Additionally, the hand held model makes it super easy to bathe kids, pets and assisted showering.

The Waterpik shower head features OptiFLOW technology which maximizes water flow no matter your plumbing. The adjustable angle bracket allows for easy positioning so it will fit in any space. The five foot hose offers full movement and freedom in the shower. This particular handheld shower head has one of the best and widest sprays which means you’ll get full body coverage no matter what spray setting you use. The chrome finish of this shower head will match any bathroom style.


  • ​Six spray setting offer a number of massaging options.
  • ​Hand held model that enables freedom and flexibility to bathe children or pets and clean the shower recess with ease.
  • Works well in situations with low water pressure.
  • ​Full body spray mode that ensures complete coverage and comfort.
  • Easy to install and clean.


  • ​The hose can be stiff and inflexible, despite its length.
  • ​The spray adjuster setting can be stiff and hard to move.
  • ​The handle can be very slippery due to the small size.

How To Choose The Best Massaging Shower Heads

Decide whether you want a fixed or hand held model 

There are so many choices when it comes to a massaging shower head that it might be confusing to know where to start. However, one fundamental choice you need to make from the get go is whether you want a hand held or a wall mounted model. While fixed shower heads are easier to install, hand held models allow more freedom in movement within the shower, and you can also use them to help you clean the shower or tub. Both hand held and fixed shower heads will offer all the massaging spray settings you’re after so the decision is really dependent on how you want to use your shower head.

Consider the gentle feeling of a rainfall shower

Rainfall shower heads are generally positioned near or on the ceiling of the shower recess, so that the water falls gently upon you. This can be an extremely relaxing experience, as the water is pushed through an oversized shower head face to fall down on you. You can, however, get rainfall shower heads that focus on massage, so that you can feel ultimate relaxation in the shower while taking care of your aching body. Usually you need a high water pressure in order for rainfall shows to be effective, so take that into account.

Water pressure can make a huge difference 

Not all homes are built the same, and unfortunately, while one house might have superb water pressure, others may find it hard to achieve the level of water pressure that you might hope for. While there might not be anything you can do in regards to increasing your water pressure, you can certainly choose a shower head that can maximize the feeling of the pressure while you’re showering. Some of the models we’ve reviewed here can offer the feeling of intense water pressure even when your plumbing isn’t up to scratch, so you might want to consider using one of these if this is your situation.

Buy a shower head that will work with your hard water 

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, and though is a completely natural phenomenon, can really mess up your skin, hair and scalp. Hard water results in build up within your plumbing fixtures, especially your shower head, leading to clogged jets. Some shower heads are built to allow you to clean them easier, so if you have hard water then you would want to consider one of these models. In addition, if you find that your hair and scalp are dry and itchy, using a massaging shower head that will filter out these impurities will leave you with soft, hydrated hair and reduce scalp itchiness while soothing your aching muscles.

​Sometimes it’s all about how it looks

When you’ve considered everything else about your potential new showerhead, the last thing you’re left with is how it looks. Most showerheads are made from plastic with a chrome finish, which perfectly fits with a contemporary bathroom. However, a rustic look has become a style that a lot of people want these days, and a chrome shower head might not fit that aesthetic. Look for a massaging shower head that can compliment the look of your bathroom, such as a brass or brushed nickel shower head and take your bathroom to the next level.

Final verdict 

A relaxing, massaging shower is the perfect way to unwind, and there are many contenders in the list of best massaging shower heads to help you soothe your aching muscles and relieve the tensions of the day.

 For us, the best massaging shower head on this list was the Hydroluxe 2 in 1 combination shower head due to the sheer flexibility it offers. On one hand, the fixed shower head means you can just stand under the massaging stream while the water soothes your body.

 On the other hand, the hand held shower head allows you more freedom within the shower and can be used to help clean the shower after use. Out of all of the offerings we presented to you in this review, this shower head was able to deliver the highest amount of features and satisfy all of our shower massage requirements.

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