Best Delta shower head – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

As insignificant as the showerhead in your bathroom as it may seem, its use renders nearly indispensable in any household setting. Having the wrong showerhead in your bathroom can be the one thing that is bringing about molds in the walls as it splashes water, leading to an increased water bill to unsatisfactory bathroom experience. Do not settle for less again.

However, you can now rest easy as I have the complete solution to end your suffering.

How to choose the best delta shower head

When planning to invest in your shower interior decor, it is important to get most aspects right in perspective. Making a purchase for the sake of it can be an expensive mistake in the end. Therefore, it is important to understand the workings behind the showerheads to be able to choose the best showerhead for your need.

Below are some of the important aspects you need to go through to get what suits best.

A showerhead can be installed in different ways depending on the architectural aspect of the house. Different showerheads are installed differently. Some are mounted on the ceiling and other require mounting on the walls. Each mounting systems has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, take your time and evaluate the mounting options that fit for your bathroom.

Size when it comes to the showerhead refers to the amount of water the shower can dispense. Therefore, it is important to crunch the numbers and do I right. With water becoming a limited resource, getting a water saving showerhead will do you well on your water bills and conserve the environment too.

​Water pressure
Water pressure also plays a key role in the selection of a suitable showerhead. Water pressure on the upper floors does not compare to the lower floors. Therefore, a showerhead that effectively functions with high-pressure water cannot best be suited for the topmost floor, as water pressure there is quite low. Therefore, make a point of getting the right shower depending on the water pressure you expect to be using to get the best out of the showerhead.

This boils down to personal preference. After getting a showerhead that works for you, it is important to pick a color shade or finish that accentuates your interior. This is the reason we have the product available in different colors and shades.

It is important to have a budget as you shopping for options in order to get your finances right. However, keep in mind that expensive is not always best, neither is cheap always a good deal. A balance between the two is important. Always opt for the fairest price showerhead in the market.

The construct of the showerhead plays an important role in the durability of the product. Brass and stainless steel showerheads are rust resistant thus and can handle hot water and scale from hard water comfortably. The plastic showerhead may try to match the performance but they lack when it comes to the finishes and handling of hot water too.

​Type of showerhead
Showerheads come in different types and shapes. Each showerhead has the ideal situations under which it can be best used. You can choose between a single showerhead, a rain showerhead, handheld showerhead, sliding bar showerhead, dual and ceiling showerhead options available. Understand their principles of functioning first and then make an informed decision later.

​6 Best Delta shower heads - In Depth Reviews

A. Delta 7-Spray Touch Clean Hand Held Shower Head

Delta 7-Spray shower head review

The Delta 7-Spray Touch clean is a handheld showerhead that comes with a six-inch long flexible pipe protected on the outside with a flat spring coiled chrome metal. This makes the flexible tangle free during use.

The flexible pipe makes the showerhead ideal for a household where people are of different heights such as kids.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle with a rough finish that makes it easy to grab on while showering. It can be quite disappointing trying to hold to unfit designs with soapy hands, which can be slippery.

​It has an easy-turn spray selection knob that has a double check valve on the handle shank that helps one adjust through the seven different showering options. You could adjust the showerhead over from a full body spray, a massage spray, shampoo rinsing spray, a drenching spray or a combination of any two options. It also features a pause button to save water while you using it in the middle of the shower.

It also comes with an anti-clog nozzle technology that allows easy cleaning of the mineral build-ups and deposits by passing your hand over the clogged nozzles to unblock them.

It is also easy to install to the existing piping. With a simple tool such as wrench or pliers, you can hook up the flexible hose on to the water outlets and you good to go.

It also available in tow color finishes giving a variety for different decors installations. It comes in white and chrome finish.


  • ​Ergonomic handle for better handling during showering
  • ​Easy to clean nozzles by hand
  • Ideal for use by people of different heights
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    ​Comes with a flexible, non-tangle pipe
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Comes with a 7-shower option setting to suit every showering moment


  • ​It only comes a handheld showerhead, which may limit its uses to a number of uses in the bathroom

​B. Delta 2-Spray Shower Head

Delta 2-Spray Shower Head Water review

The Delta 2-Spray Shower Head is a small sized shower head that features four nozzles that can are capable of shooting out water at flow rate of at an adjustable rate of 1.8 -2.5 gallons per minute.

It also features a water pressure amplification that gives the most pressure form a low water inflow. You bare realize the difference between a high-pressure water delivery from the water piping.

It is also easy to mount on the wall with bare minimum experience of plumbing. With pliers or pipe wrench, you set to finish the job in minutes as it can fit into the current piping in your bathroom.

​The Delta 2-Spray Showerhead also comes with spray settings that can manage to sculpts water spray delivered into unique wave patterns.

It is constructed of plastic, for increased durability, as it is rustproof, and deters hard water deposits that clog up the nozzles. It comes with a chrome finish that can comfortably fit and belong in most bathroom decors.

It also comes with a limited lifetime faucet & finishes from the manufacturer that protects from products defect or non-performance.


  • ​You can adjust water flow and pressure from the faucet
  • ​It features a water pressure amplification mechanism to deliver a high-pressure water even during low water inflow
  • ​Easy to install on the bathroom
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    ​Made of a strong plastic that is rust resistant thus durable.


  • ​Not ideal for kids or short people as the control knob is high at the showerhead

​​C.Delta 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Hand Held Shower

Delta 4-Spray Hand Held Shower review

The Delta showerhead is a two in one that gives one the ability to detach one piece of the showerhead from the wall-mounted showerhead to have a second handheld showerhead. This allows for simultaneous use and gives dual functionality in one go, thus convenient during shower.

It also comes with ready to install only requiring just a tool to fasten it in the wall and it is done in a matter of minutes.

It also comes with four different water spray settings that include the Full Body spray, Fast Massage spray, Full Spray with Massage and a pause or shut while not in use. The pause features give you time to lather while keeping the temperature constant showering or shaving to save on water and reduce the water bills too.

It is also easy to clean as the nozzles are made of soft rubber that can be cleaned by merely passing your fingers over them to remove any deposits that have accumulated over time.

The shower faucet can dispense water at a rate of 2.50 gallons per minute at a pressure of 80 PSI, as it is recommended by the EPA Water Sense Specifications.

It also comes in two variants, a chrome and a stainless steel finish for you to choose from.


  • ​Has two in one showerhead, a fixed and a handheld showerhead, which is convenient to use
  • ​Comes with easy touch-clean nozzles this no clogging
  • ​Ideal for both tall and short people as it has a detachable handheld showerhead
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    ​It has three water spray adjustments, each for a specific use.


  • ​Not ideal for use in low-pressure inflow water

​D. Delta 58045-SS In2ition Two-In-One Shower

Delta 58045 shower head review

​The Delta 58045-SS In2ition showerhead is constructed from a combination of steel and plastic for increased service life.

It also features a detachable hand-held showerhead from the fixed showerhead that can be used together or be independently operated. This brings about convenience as short people such as kids or those who wash their pets.

The handheld showerhead comes with an extension flexible pipe that has been spring covered to keep it tangle free during use.

It also easy to mount on to new old piping systems as it comes all assembled. All that is need is an attachment to the water pipe and it is ready for use.

​It comes with four-spray setting and includes a pause, which helps save water during lathering up or during shaving.

The shower is also available in different shades to give you the options of choosing which best suits your bathroom

The shower faucet is also EPA Water Sense approved thus saves on water usage saving you unnecessary water bills while conserving the environment too.


  • ​A two in one shower head that brings in functionality and convenience to a new level
  • ​EPA Water Sense certifies thus saves water and spares you the huge water bills
  • ​Comes with adjustable water spray delivery for different uses
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Easy to clean nozzles thus no clogging from hard water deposits.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Easy to mount into the bathroom
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Comes in a variant of finish giving more options to pick from
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    ​Made of stainless steel and plastic which are rust resistant making it durable


  • ​The plastic hose is stiff that can be quite a bother during showering

​E. Delta Single-Spray Rain Shower Head

Delta Single-Spray Rain Shower Head review

 ​The Delta Single-Spray Rain Shower is constructed of stainless steel material that makes it durable in comparison to the plastic made shower faucets.

It comes with a 12 inches adjustable shower arm that can tilt at various angles to the required position during the shower. It can also move up and down to adjust the height up to 18 inches thus suitable even for kids.

It also comes in a single spray shower solely provides a full body spray in form of rain you shower. Showerhead

The showerhead also comes with a lifetime-limited warranty on defective workmanship that makes the product defective and spare parts too.


  • ​Durable as it is made of steel
  • ​It comes with an adjustable shower arm to fit any height
  • ​Comes with a lifetime warranty thus giving peace of mind as you purchase and enjoy the product


  • ​Does not feature adjustable water sprays

​F. Delta 58045-SS In2ition Two-In-One Shower

Delta 4-Spray Touch Clean Shower Head review

The Delta 58045-SS In2ition is constructed out of bronze and a flexible plastic extension pipe that is long enough even for the short people to use it like kids or when you washing pets. It features a detachable handheld showerhead and a fixed wall mounted faucet. They can be used both at the same time and independently thus allows for flexibility while in the bathroom.

The brass construction gives it a better chance of a long life as it is rust resistant and scale deterrent.

It is also easy to install as it only calls for fastening tool and it can fit in the already existing plumbing just right.

It can dispense water at a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute at a pressure of 80 PSI.

It also has four-spray adjustment setting that gives our different water sprays whenever any is needed.

It is available in a lustrous Venetian Bronze finish, which brings about class and elegance to any bathroom decor.

It also incorporates the innovated Touch-Clean on the Spray Holes that make it easy to clean any deposits that may have happened to keep all the nozzles.


  • ​The brass construction makes it durable
  • ​Dual showerheads bring about flexibility and convenience during its use.
  • Comes with touch-clean technology its nozzles
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    ​Comes with adjustable water spray action for easy adjustment to suit the situation.


  • ​Features a stiff plastic flexible pipe that if quite a bother during use.

Final Verdict

The race was close call as all the product are from the same manufacturer and have similar quality and level of workmanship. However, it is easy to pick a favorite showerhead from the design aspect and functionality too.

I would pick the Delta 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Hand Held Shower Head takes the top spot primarily because of the unique design of the handheld showerhead, which factored in matters to do with ergonomics as you hold it and the conveniently installed button on it that makes its operation as easy as possible.

However, it does not mean the other products are any lesser. With rigorous evaluation, each can find a category in which it can be the best delta shower head.

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