Best Battery Backup Sump Pump Reviews 2021

Do you experience frequent flooding in your basement? Whether it is as a result of water welling up in the ground as a result of heavy rain or a naturally high water table. You will need to keep the basement free of such water since you do not want it to damage your property in the growth of mold.

That said, you will be required to get a sump pump, which is a machine designed to pump the water out, hence a dry basement. However, what happens when the sump pump fails or in case of a power outage? Does such a situation mean that you should leave your basement to flood? I bet not.

With the best battery backup sump pump, you can still maintain a dry basement even after a power outage or the primary sump pump’s failure. Thus, I recommend that you have a look at the review article below so that you can have an idea of the water powered sump pump to consider when you are looking forward to installing a battery backup sump pump.

Who needs a battery backup sump pump?

You may be wondering who is supposed to purchase a battery backup sump up. A simple answer to this question is- Anyone who has a sump pump installed. The reason? This is because anyone who has a sump pump did this for a purpose, and most importantly, such people face some frequent flooding in their spaces.

As a result, you do not want your basement to flood because of a power outage or a pump failure. So, installing a backup system might be the best way to go. However, if the primary sump pump goes unused for long, you might not need to install a secondary unit since it might end up unused.

Why do I need a battery backup sump pump?

But, why should you invest on a battery backup sump pump? Here are some of the reasons:

Let’s face it: accidents happen when the main sump pump may fail to operate as a result of a power outage or the failure of the main sump pump. Thus, it is worth investing in the best backup sump pump since these are designed to operate automatically after the occurrence of such events so that you can have peace of mind.

Get an alert of a possible failure of the sump pump

Another reason to get a battery backup sump pump is that it warns you of possible danger. The reason is that some models monitor the main sump pump, the battery status, and the backup battery sump pump so that you can get an idea of a possible failure. As a result, you can be sure never to deal with the damage of the finished basement, the water heater, and other property located in the basement.

The 5 Best Battery Backup Sump Pump Reviews

1. WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

A backup sump pump that will make a great addition to your primary sump pump system is Wayne’s ESP25 battery backup sump pump. The unit delivers a maximum flow rate of 3300-gallons per hour at 10-feet of lift. As such, it is suitable for use with people in need of a system that will deliver fast results.

Further, it is equipped with a single float switch that enables it to operate with minimal travel area. Because of this, you can get it when you search for a battery backup sump pump for use in smaller pits. The backup sump system is designed to be powered by a deep cycle maintenance-free 12V battery, but this isn’t included in the kit.

Once you get the sump pump, you can be sure to have a unit that is easy to operate since it features LED indicator lights that show the battery status. Further, the system adopts a smart charging technology designed to break surface charge and take the battery up to optimal levels.

Highlighted features

1. An alarm sounds to notify you when the backup system is active.

2. Corrosion-resistant, sealed thermoplastic construction guarantees durability.

3. Unique float switch guarantees a fully automatic operation

Pros Cons
  • The pump is easy to install and doesn’t call for a lot of changes to the plumbing system.
  • The battery fits perfectly in the included plastic case
  • The pump comes with all the basic hardware.
  • The sump pump works quietly.
  • The pump features a sturdy design.
  • The sump pump doesn’t come with a battery.
  • No volume control for the alarm system.
  • The unit is heavy.

2. PumpSpy Technology PS1000 12V DC Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

Prevent residential flooding once you install the Pumpsy battery backup sump pump.

The pump utilizes a cutting-edge proprietary technology where it remotely monitors your main sump pump, the battery, and the backup sump pump. Because of this, it can collect and analyze the incoming data. Once a problem is detected, it sends you alerts via push notifications, emails, or text messages so that you can be sure to protect your basement from flooding.

Apart from that, the sump pump automatically activates in the event of the primary sump pump failure and the case of a power outage. This means that you do not have to worry about the basement’s flooding since the pump can take care of all the worries. 

The pump works with a variety of primary sump pumps since it is compatible with any 120-volt primary sump pump system. Once you get it, you can be sure to drain the water fast since it is designed to drain a 20-gallon sump pump basin within 38 seconds.

Highlighted features

1. Quality automotive-grade components guarantee durability.

2. Electronics on the circuit board are sealed in waterproof epoxy to protect them from damage in the case of water leakage.

3. Pump drains a 20-gallon basin within 38 seconds to guarantee fast results.

Pros Cons
  • Installation is simple and straightforward.
  • Connectors are color coded and dummy-proof.
  • Two floats for backup offer extra protection.
  • The backlit display is easy to read in the dark..
  • The alarm isn’t loud enough to be heard over two floors.
  • No built-in check valve.
  • The unit doesn’t come with the required battery.
3. Zoeller 508-0006 Aquanot 508 ProPak53 Preassembled Sump Pump System

Benefit from the required performance and reliability after a power outage or the failure of your primary pump once you adopt this sump pump system. The system comes when fully assembled, which means that all you need to do is install it and leave the pump to drain the water.

Besides that, the sump pump includes an LCD screen. The screen displays the battery voltage alongside with other helpful information to enhance ease of use and reliability. You can expect the sump pump to feature a vertical float switch to guarantee a fully automatic operation. Other fittings include an AC pump check valve, DC pump discharge check valve, adapter, and tee.

Also, there is a charger that adopts the latest switch-mode technology to enhance an efficient operation. The sump pump system can connect to home security systems such as auto-dialers and alarms using the set of dry contacts. The pump comes with a battery case designed to fit a 13″ L x 71/2″ W x 91/2″ H maximum battery dimension.

Highlighted features

1. Light indicator and warning system guarantee safety and ease of use.

2. CRUS-approved charger is safe and designed for long-lasting performance.

3. Sump pump made using con-corrodible polyethylene to guarantee durability.

Pros Cons
  • The pump is pre-assembled and easy to install and set up.
  • It includes two check valves.
  • The pump works efficiently.
  • The package doesn’t come with the required battery.
4. Hi & Dry Battery Backup Sump Pump

Protect your water heater, furnace, and finished basement from damage as a result of flooding once you incorporate the Hi & Dry battery backup sump pump.

The pump sits on the floor outside the sump. It features a slim-line vertical switch designed to prevent the floats from getting entangled. Also, there is a suction pipe that reaches the bottom of different sump pit to use the system to handle a range of duties.

You can get this unit when you are looking for a battery backup sump pump that is easy to install since it doesn’t require much time and professional knowledge during the installation. Also, the pump is a great choice when looking for a reliable system since it is designed to automatically start in the case of a power outage or a failure of the main pump.

Highlighted features

1. Compression fittings on all connections eliminate the need for gluing.

2. An ingenious design ensures maximum reliability and long service life.

3. A heavy-duty widely-adjustable float guarantees strength and versatility.

Pros Cons
  • The pump installs easily and within a short time.
  • The kit contains all installation accessories.
  • There are clear installation instructions.
  • The alarm is barely audible.
  • The small opening of the pipe slows down the discharge rate.
5. Superior Pump 92900 Powered Battery Back Up Sump Pump

The failure of your primary sump pump or a power outage during heavy rain doesn’t mean that you should leave your basement to flood. The reason I recommend the Superior battery backup sump pump.

This is a 12volt DC pump that includes a tethered float switch and the required mounting hardware. On top of that, the pump features a 2Amp AC charger with a power cord to enhance a reliable performance.

You can get the pump when you are looking for one designed to deliver a long-lasting performance due to the high-quality thermoplastic material. Furthermore, the pump is a great choice for one that is designed to guarantee fast results since it is designed to pump 23 gallons per minute after a full battery charge.

Highlighted features

1. An automatic float switch guarantees a solid and reliable performance.

2. 87Decibel alarm features a mute function.

3. High-quality battery box with built-in electronics enhances a long-lasting performance.

4. An AC charger with a 10feet power cord guarantees a greater reach.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to set up.
  • Sturdy thermoplastic enhances durability.
  • The sump pump system works with 12-volt lead-acid deep cycle marine or RV batteries.
  • Low battery alarm notifies you in the case of a low battery.
  • Installation instructions aren’t extensive.
  • The check valve is a little bit weak.
  • The plug of the charger cable to the battery box get loose at times.

How to choose the best battery backup sump pump

1. Consider the status of the battery

The first thing to consider when selecting a best sump pump battery backup. After all, these are battery-operated sump pumps. Therefore, you will need to get a reliable unit, and this should be in terms of the included battery.

Therefore, consider features such as,

• Power source

Battery backup sump pumps derive their power from two sources, where you can locate an AC/DC power source or a DC power source.

An AC/DC-powered sump pump derives its power from an AC or DC power source. Such pumps can operate from an AC power outlet when the power is on, leaving them to conserve the battery.

Once the power goes out, the pumps switch to the DC power source, as such, making them the best options when you want to ensure reliable performance.

On the other hand, DC-powered backup sump pumps derive their power from a battery, which means that such pumps are more likely to run on a low battery. Therefore, unless you will not forget to recharge your battery, you can rely on DC-powered backup sump pumps.

• Type of battery

There are different types of batteries used in a backup sump pump. For instance, you will come across the pump cycle batteries and the lead-acid batteries. Also referred to as maintenance-free batteries, the deep cycle batteries do not require any maintenance due to the fully-sealed design. As a result, you can set the batteries and forget about their existence.

On the other hand, well acid batteries, otherwise referred to as lead-acid batteries, require some maintenance since you will be required to add distilled water occasionally. Therefore, decide whether to opt for the deep cycle batteries or the lead-acid batteries.

  1. Flow Rate

A good backup sump pump system should stand up for the challenge that it is likely to face. For instance, if you will be dealing with a big area, you will need to get a pump designed to draw a lot of water at a time to protect the area from flooding.

On the other hand, if you will be dealing with a small area, a pump with an average flow rate will draw the water without resulting in floods. Therefore, ensure that the backup sump pump’s flow rate is consistent with the size of the area you will be dealing with.

  1. Float switch

If you want to acquire a reliable backup sump pump, you will need to get a pump that features a float switch. For those wondering what a float switch is, this is a kind of a level sensor that detects the level of the water. Once it detects too much water, it triggers the pump enabling it to draw the water out, which means less work.

Tips for a battery backup sump pump maintenance

1. Inspect the power cords– If you want to ensure that your backup sump pump runs effectively, you will need to inspect the power cords. In this case, ensure that the power cords aren’t tangled to prevent accidents. Also, inspect to ensure that they are not in a position where they are likely to get tangled with the float.

2. Clean the pit– You will need to ensure that the pit is clean at all times. The reason behind this is that you do not want the dirt in the pit to clog the impeller or discharge tube. So, be on the lookout to ensure that the pi is clean at all times.

3. Inspect the drain line– Besides the power cords, you will need to look at the drain line to ensure that it is not damaged or destroyed. Also, ensure that the drain line is free of damage so that you can keep the pump functioning effectively in all instances.

4. Ensure proper positioning of the float– The float should be positioned in such a way that it can move freely without being obstructed by other objects. So, ensure that it can move up and down freely to ensure that the sump pump is working effectively.

Final verdict

You do not want to be a homeowner who discovers that the primary sump pump has a problem only after a flooded basement. The reason I urge you to purchase the reviewed products.

The best sump pump with battery backup system, you can be sure to maintain a dry basement even after a power outage or a fail of the primary pump since the unit is designed to start up automatically after detecting a problem in the primary sump pump.

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