Best 19.5 Tires

19.5-inch tires are most popular for automotive use and can be found on many country made vehicles. Offering traction in all weather conditions, the 19.5-inch tire offers excellent performance and safety for drivers of all types. Today’s guide will help you to choose the best tires for your vehicle, including which are right for your driving style, budget, and preference.

Which wheel size should I get for my car and why is that the best choice?

The best diameter to get for your personal vehicle is 19.5″ as they are the most common size available in automobiles and offer great traction at all times of year, including on snowy winter days or rainy road conditions that are far more hazardous than rain alone can create.

The popular tire design utilizes a single piece belt construction which offers almost no issues with punctures nor does it rust out over time like metal rims do, making this option one of the most durable on the market today.

 Which 19.5 Tires do you think are the best?

It all depends on what you want to use them for:

  • If you are planning to go off-road, then the best tire is the Michelin LTX M/S2 (Michelin Endurance).
  • If you are looking for a more comfortable and safer tire, then look at the Continental ProContact 2 or Bontrager TLR 4.
  • If your budget is not too high and you just need something for commuting or city driving.

Comparison Chart of 19.5 Tires

The 7 Best 19.5 Tires Reviews 2022

1. Ironman Ironman I-109 Commercial Truck Tire 22570R19.5 128M

Ironman Ironman I-109 Commercial Truck Tire 22570R19.5 128M

Ironman is a trusted name in the truck tire industry, and this commercial truck tire will be a perfect fit for any of your vehicles. These Ironman tires are designed to meet or exceed SAE J2910A & DOT specifications for highway performance.

The Ironman tire utilizes a unique single-walled carcass design which is more rugged and capable of withstanding the hardest years of wear.

The tires are built to be tested for less treadwear over time than any other similar brand. The exclusive I-beam construction provides greater structural integrity and reduces warping, fatigue, stress cracking or delamination found in pin cracker tubulars on competitors’ products today.


  • A single piece belt design
  • More robust material and more durable than metal rims
  • Tire tread stays intact better over time compared to traditional designs
  • Provides greater structural integrity, resists warping and stress cracking.


  • No puncture protection
  • Not compatible with load rated Curves on all size rims.

2. Sailun S737 225/70R19.5

Sailun S737 225/70R19.5 128L

The Sailun S737 225/70R19.5 128L is the latest generation in a series of highly successful vehicles from our company, which have proven to be reliable and powerful in all weather conditions. The new S737 has been designed for excellent handling, road holding performance and comfortable braking.

Sailun S737 is a highly flexible tire that can be switched between different applications with great ease. They can also work well over tarring surfaces or hard-packed road surfaces as they have outstanding traction on all knobs of ice. These are fantastic performers when it comes to snow conditions.


  • Good traction on ice
  • Excellent handling and braking performance in all weather conditions.
  • Flotation over stones on road and bad ski tracks.
  • Low rotating mass and high stiffness means low rolling resistance.


  • A little too slippery when compared to winter tires
  • Difficult tire to find in shops

3. Michelin XZE Radial Tire

Michelin XZE Radial Tire - 245/70R19.5 136L

The Michelin XZE Radial Tire is a modern, high-performance all-season tire for the SUV and crossover class. Its unique design allows for more comfort, stability and control in all weather conditions. It also provides greater safety thanks to its low rolling resistance, excellent traction and reduced noise.

Michelin XZE Radial Tire is the first tire in its class that combines optimized traction and excellent handling. It has a different profile, which eliminates many of the defects common with tires of other designs or types (bulging sidewalls, bottoming out etc).


  • Greater safety
  • Excellent traction and handling performance in all weather conditions.
  • Superb comfort, stability and control on all surfaces
  • Reduced noise.


  • Lack of snow performance
  • No instance for upgraded wheels

4. Firestone FS561 Commercial Truck Tire – 19.5

Firestone FS561 Commercial Truck Tire - 225/70R19.5 00

Firestone FS561 Commercial Truck Tire – 225/70R19.5 is a great product that can easily make your vehicle stand out. With this tire, you will be able to drive confidently even in challenging conditions thanks to its resistance to road hazards and punctures. This tire also has a tread pattern that is great for performing well on wet roads.

The Michelin Commander road tire, in long and short versions, is a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts. This product has been designed to offer you better assist when driving on difficult terrain or at higher speeds. Defense also contributes to the protection of your vehicle from environmental hazards that may occur as well as improved performance aspects because it will protect your vehicle against the deterioration of your chassis.


  • Durable, long-lasting and comfortable
  • Offers better maneuverability on tough terrain
  • Provides maximum protection from road hazards or punctures.
  • Defends the vehicle against environmental obstacles that may harm performance of the chassis.


  • Reputation for being difficult to service and maintain
  • Heavy tire weight

5. Galaxy Ez Rider R-4 Farm Tire 19.5

Galaxy Ez Rider R-4 Farm Tire 19.5L/-24

The Galaxy Ez Rider R-4 is a 19.5-inch wheel with a front loader design that features an extra wide hub profile and a low pressure, high volume (LP) bead on the sidewall. The tire has been engineered to offer outstanding wet traction in extreme conditions, providing even better performance in demanding applications such as heavy haul trucking, where load carrying demands are increased by factors of two or more compared to normal operation.

Heavy duty and resistant to punctures, this tire is used for long distance travel by heavy trucks. The Galaxy Ez Rider R-4 is a 19.5” wheel with an extra wide hub profile and low pressure high volume (LP) bead on the sidewall. It features diamond tread that offers outstanding wet traction in extreme conditions such as those found at truck stops or service stations where loads need to be carried even heavier while operating under high payload levels.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Competitively priced with less maintenance issues than other trucks
  • High puncture resistance.


  • High tire weight
  • Less speed on pavement

6. RoadX RT787 Commercial Truck Tire 19.5

RoadX RT787 Commercial Truck Tire 22570R19.5 128L

The RoadX RT787 Commercial Truck Tire 22570R19.5 128L was specifically designed for the 18-wheeler truck market, and it is a true off-road performer. It has been tested to run over 500 miles per tire on just one fill of fuel! It’s extremely low rolling resistance combined with an aggressive tread pattern allows the RT787 to handle all types of terrain without complaint.

Great fillet geometry efficiency combines with aggressive 2” Maxx Grip™ tread to provide superior traction on dry and wet surfaces. Its siping patterns feature alternating zig-zag grooves that increase rolling resistance while cornering, thereby enhancing control around tight turns without compromising hydroplaning stability.


  • Very versatile.
  • Long lasting
  • Hammer on dry and wet surfaces.


  • High weight.
  • Not the best gas mileage on pavement.

7. Leao F820 All-Season Commercial All Position Radial Tire-19.5

Leao F820 All-Season Commercial All Position Radial Tire-245/70R19.5 245/70/19.5 245/70-19.5 133/131M Load Range G LRG 14-Ply BSW Black Side Wall

Leao Commercial Tire – All Season Radial Tire Leao F820 Black Side Wall 14-Ply 4×4 Tires Featuring a long life and high performance, the all-season commercial tire provides excellent traction in harsh weather conditions. Although all Leao rubber products do not claim to be “commercial-grade”, this tire is a very fine and reliable performer for commercial vehicles.

Heavy duty, high carrying capacity in extreme conditions that require exceptional durability such as in the construction sector or where frequent harsh weather events occur, like heavy rainfall and snowfall during the winter from both sides of blades.


  • Good in snow and rain.
  • Can handle large loads.
  • Low rolling resistance on pavement.


    • Not good for hot temperatures.
    • No tread pattern on the side walls as of yet


19.5 Tires are one of the most popular tires on the market today. They’re often cheaper than their bigger brother, but offer a similar level of performance and comfort. While there are many other options out there, we’ve selected these as our top picks for both style and performance.


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